Kick Magnetic 7A Safety Fuse

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This MOD Safety Fuse is highly recommended for use between mechanical Mod and the negative side of your 18650,18350 sized li-ion battery for safety.

With lithium batteries one of the biggest safety issues can come from a dead short. The fuse will trip if it senses a short in the mod by breaking the connection to the battery.

Please note: While this is an extra safety feature is not a complete fail safe.

The fuse can also help protect variable voltage circuitry in some devices, hot springs, and other circuitry in your mod that can be damaged from a short.

One side of the fuse is magnetic. It will stick to the battery, so it won't slip off.

Without the fuse, a mechanical mod will not stop firing as long as the button is pressed and can fire for an indefinite period, causing venting and excessive heat.

The fuse prevents that by breaking the circuit after a period of time. The fuse will trip after 20 seconds at 7 amps, and the more amperage that is drawn from the battery, the shorter the amount of time it takes for the fuse to trip.

After the fuse is tripped, it is re-usable after a brief period of time.

Please note: The Fuse adds approximately 3.7mm to the length of your battery and will not affect vaping performance under normal use, however due to the extra length the fuse will add to your li-ion battery we can not guarantee that it will fit in all MODs. Due to the nature of this item it is sold as is, and no warranty is offered