Coil Jig Winding Tool Manual Hand Coil Winder DIY Coils

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The Coil Jig is a great accessory to own if you are a frequent user for RBA / RTA / RDA's
Includes 5 different sized rods: 2.0mm + 2.5mm + 3.0mm + 3.5mm + 4.0mm
The 510 threaded hole on the body can act as a stand for your atomizer
It's a simple tool that can assist in making your coils tight, clean and efficient
Material: Aluminum body, Stainless Steel Stick
Wight: approx. 90g / each

Package Includes:
1 * Aluminum body
1 * Aluminum Screw
5 * Stainless Steel Stick (different diameters)
4 * Screws